What is a Stop Loss Limit and Does it Matter?

As any gambling news site should inform you, responsible gambling is very important for many reasons. It means being cautious and not gambling more than you can afford. But its even more than that. There are other aspects to life than gambling. Your personal life, friends and family should come before gambling. That’s why a stop loss is a good idea. In this post I’m going to briefly explain what a stop loss limit and why it’s important to have one in place.

What is a Stop Loss?

First of all, let’s explain what it is. A stop loss limit is an amount you choose that if you lose X amount, you will quit for the day. This is something a trusted online casino Malaysia will offer you and so will other casinos. It’s a great way to safeguard your bankroll and ensure you’re keeping enough money behind. Preventing potential losses is a very important in the long run. Continue reading “What is a Stop Loss Limit and Does it Matter?”

Why Are Poker Tournaments Popular?

The old debate of cash games vs tournaments is never ending amongst serious players. But whether you are as cash game player or tournament player, there is no disputing that tournaments win the popularity contest though. There are several reasons for this, which we will explore in this article.

Cheaper way to learn

Poker tournaments are the best way to learn poker, short of playing freerolls. When you enter a tournament, you know you can win a lot for risking little. If you sit in a cash game, you can get eaten alive and lose lots of buyins. Moreover, you are playing with real cash. This is not true for tournaments where you know the maximum you can lose is the registration fee. It could also be argued that tournament poker reduces the professional’s edge on opponents. With shallower stacks and increasing blind levels, all in before the flop is far more common – and this gives new, recreational players the chance to win.

The Prestige

Most gamblers have an ego. It’s not just about the money, the idea of defeating hundreds or thousands of players is an ego boost like no other. The prestige of binking a tournament win is very sweet. It’s even more fun when it’s completed without doing a deal with your opponents. Continue reading “Why Are Poker Tournaments Popular?”

A view on Gambling and Some Tips

Gambling is a game where two players agree to take part. They usually use money to bet, where the loser pays the money to the winner with the result being uncertain. The other player nowadays can be not only a person but a machine, software or ultimately a company. Gambling is a good way of making money at the same time as being fun; however you should remember to play within your means, thus safeguard your money. It is taking a risk with this money in the hope of winning, or with an intention of winning, to speculate on gain; often this money is called your ‘bank’.

Gambling can either be betting on sports, buying a lottery ticket, playing roulette, poker or casino.

Gambling can be addictive and if you are not careful can ruin your security. It is the fear of losing and the joy of winning that causes this cycle that many can find habitual. To avoid this you should control your gambling urge, that is, don’t allow the gambling temptations to control you, which can make you lose the game by making errors of judgment. Before you gamble ensure that you are aware of how likely you are to win the game and don’t mimic others, place a bet according to your means, a portion of your bank.

Evaluate yourself, maybe you are going to lose or win, probabilities are strange and you can end up on a losing streak as easily as being on a winning streak. On a losing streak, the professional gambler knows they must take a break or adopt a strategy to get past it. However if you are winning just go ahead and play, again within your means. Do not be tempted when on a winning streak to overstretch yourself and bank all of your money in the expectation of winning once more.

When you visit a casino to gamble, ensure you have paid all your bills first, let it be a luxury and not a priority. Avoid using your ATM at the casino. You should have a limited amount of money when going to play. Avoid playing when you are on drugs or alcohol, because you need a clear mind to avoid emotional decisions and stick to the strategy you set out with.

If you want to be the best gambler, don’t imagine that gambling is ‘the’ source of money. Use the money you can afford to lose, set time and money limits, never chase losing streaks. Learn to quit while you are ahead.

Finding your ideal gambling site

When you first decide to try a bit of online gaming, you’ll soon discover that there is a huge amount of choice in where and when to play real cash money games.

The best thing to do is to try out a few different sites before you put any of your own money into a gaming account. Fortunately as there’s so much competition between gaming operators such as 888casino, Costa and Winner to win over new players, there are lots of no-deposit bonuses that you can take advantage of. To qualify for a no-deposit bonus, you usually have to register a payment card, but no payment will actually be taken. At Costa Bingo, there’s a £5 no-deposit bonus to play with – visit the site here to find out more.


Once registered on a site, you can then try out the different games for real, and if you like what you find, put some of your own money into the account. Doing so, you’ll qualify for a welcome bonus and these can vary from site to site, so shop around and find the one that seems to be the best deal at the time you’re ready to commit. Even if you only put in the minimum amount of your own money, it’s always worth doing. Most sites will match what you put in; many will give a 200% bonus or more on that initial deposit.

While the bonus is an important part of deciding where to play, there are other things to consider. For instance, if your main interest is in playing bingo, then you’ll probably find the widest choice of bingo games on a bingo-focused site such as Costa. While you’re there you’ll see that there are plenty of other games to play including a range of slots and casino games. On the other hand, if poker is your thing, then you might find a poker-dedicated site more to your liking. Continue reading “Finding your ideal gambling site”